Who We Are

Our 13 years in warehouse management with Zeromile Warehousing (Group Company of Box Office Logistics), has convincingly taught us the importance of an efficient supply chain. It was through our warehousing business, that we discovered the huge untapped potential of the small transporters that have the power to redesign the Logistical Support & Efficiency brilliantly. It was through the constructive & continuous learnings from our transporters & clientele (Reliance Digital, Reliance Gio , Snowman , Metro , Agility and many more) , that we understood the exact needs of both the sides.

The lack of transparency in price discovery for companies at one end, and untimely payment for small transporters at the other, combined with limited access & transparency to each other, created the need to serve them with a one-stop solution! And that’s how Box Office Logistics came into existence!!!

Box Office Logistics, a B2B (Business to Business) tie up is reinventing the experience of logistical support for both the customer and the small transporter, by bringing them together on a single platform. We present an opportunity to both our partners with the real-time pricing, on-time payments & on-line visibility of transactions.

We believe in the ability of these small transporters, to serve the customers with utmost sincerity and efficiency, which can surpass the benchmark of service orientation, in the logistics industry. Here, both the customers and the transporters, enjoy the complete freedom of seamless access & transparency, resulting in convenience, affordability & profitability to each other.

You are welcome to depend on us!